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Match your temporary workforce with open shifts in no-time.

Say goodbye to WhatsApp and Excel. Clevergig is purpose built scheduling software for temp and staffing agencies. It will help you schedule your workforce across multiple customers and locations super fast and easy.

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the clevergig - effect:

<1 day

that short is our implementation time


of your scheduled is filled automagically within minutes


more shifts scheduled in the same time


that's the average NPS of our raving fans

Fixing the scheduling headache.

As a recruitment agency, filling temporary / contingent shifts is a massive hassle, which involves a combination of WhatsApp, multiple Excel sheets and a unhealthy dose of pressure and frustration.

Doing nothing is burning money

You need to solve your scheduling problems. Getting the right worker on the right shift is your lively-hood. If this error-prone process goes wrong, it will cost you customers (and workers). 

Legacy or DIY just does not cut it

Above tools can get you places, but they don't scale. When your recruitment agency is growing you need the real thing. You could build something tailor-made, but that takes ages and £/$/€.

Communication is repetitive.

Calling, emailing, WhatsApping, texting. Filling just one shift requires a multitude of communication channels. And where do you and your workers keep track of the final schedules, and time-sheets?

How can clevergig help?

We automate the time-consuming legwork when scheduling your temporary workforce across your clients. Easily inform workers, and keep track of time-sheets within the same product. Purpose built for recruitment and temp agencies.


Switching is easy.

Since the learning curve is short and sweet, getting started is super easy. And to make it even easier, we will help you on-board. Workers will welcome easier and faster access to their schedules.

User friendly + good looking 

Our product is super easy to understand for you as planner and for your workers. It's easy to implement and get started, and our product grows as your agency grows.

How does it work?

Schedule or invite the right workers to the right shifts. They receive push notifications through the mobile app. Logging time-sheets is done in two clicks, Your clients can also easily accept!

Our users know best.

We will let them do the talking and explain what our product did for them in terms of metrics and peace of mind.

“clevergig nears perfection. The best thing is that you can publish shifts in an instant and you can reach all of your workers from within the same product! And 80% of the shifts are filled without the regular legwork.”

Maarten van Steenbergen
Operational Manager, Hospitality Heroes
(temp agency in hospitality)

“95% of my pool understood the value for them directly. Also clevergig brought me peace of mind in my operations since it saves me hours of communication work. It allowed me to grow 100% in terms of shifts filled in 1 year!”
Christian ZBBN

Christian Jansen
Founder, ZBBN
(intermediary in contingent care staff)

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Michel BW

Michel Pilet

CEO & Founder

Corporate veteran turned founder of clevergig. Lover of how tech makes our lives easier. Helping our customers grow and thrive.

Arnoud BW

Arnoud Visser


Helping clevergig grow in all directions. Loves to make new connections and understanding pain points and finding a proper solution. 


Sergey Prihodko


Our chief technical officer. Based in Ukraine and manages our engineers. Translates complex business issues into easy-to-use solutions.