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Got questions? We have answers.

How does your pricing work?

Our pricing is based on your business model. So you pay per filled shift in several tiers. Usual pricing starts at just €0,61 per filled shift at 800 shifts/month.

How long will starting take?

You can be on board of our product in a matter of days, and our product is really easy to understand for users and your temporary workforce. No worries!

Am I stuck to a long subscription?

If you don't want to, absolutely not. However if you fall in love with our product (which you will) we will reward long(er) commitments with discount.

How do you handle custom work?

Short answer: we don't. Long answer: we take all product feedback into consideration and regularly co-create large new features with our customers.

Will it beat Excel and WhatsApp?

Hell yes! You will start filling shifts in minutes rather then hours, and 85%+ of your shifts will be filled automagically. And your timesheets are watertight too.

Can I schedule more shifts?

Yes you can! You can easily schedule or upload loads of shifts in one go. You can also setup recurring shifts or copy existing ones! 

I have more questions. 

We understand that! And we have more answers. Just schedule a discovery call or a demo through the calendar down below!

Can I take a look or try it?

Sure you can! Just schedule a discovery call to establish if we are a good fit for your business, and we will send you all the info to get started.

Why should I not build it myself?

Sure you can build something tailored. But total cost (direct + indirect) of building AND maintaining software are high, and not your core business either!

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