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Probeer voor €1

We're on a moon mission* towards matches. Are you in?

*figuratively speaking. Since clevergig is growing fast, we are looking for talent to join our mission. Which is making our customers happy with a stellar product, and have some fun too.

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We provide staffing agencies the tools to be wildly successful

Currently: we make the best scheduling software for on-demand staff scheduling.

In 18 months: we are the go-to frontoffice software system in our industry.

Necessary ingredients: smart and proactive talent. People who can work in organised chaos, and who are not afraid to speak up. People who want to level up clevergig together with us.

Core values

Our core values are not hollow phrases. It's our DNA: our yardstick for all decisions we make.

Customer Obsession

We can only try so hard, but in the end of the day our succes depends on the success of our customers. Our product feedback process, our personal onboarding of new customers; these are all small examples of a higher goal. We ❤️our customers.

Simplicity Making something difficult and complex is easy. But keeping products and processes simple, that's the hard thing. It's an art almost. Day in day out we try to keep what we do and how we do it as easy as possible.  
101980 Freedom

Our idea of work is that it goes in hand in hand with your personal life. clevergig gives you the room to do just that. We give each other space to do our jobs when it works best for us. It feeds our passion and keeps us energized to put out best foot forward.


Our benefits

We are working tirelessly to grow this business. To get that done we are willing to invest in our talent. That goes beyond fair pay. 

Work how you want

At clevergig we work asynchronously and with 6 week cycles (check out this article if you want to know more). No endless meetings or discussions. This combination ensures that everyone can focus on her / his role.

Because it's clear advance what is expected of you and when it needs to be done we wil leave you alone to actually get it done. So there is place at clevergig for late night owl 🦉 as well as early rising lions 🦁. 

Unlimited holidays

Yep. You are free to be off. We have faith in your ownership to make the right call.

Growing with clevergig

clevergig has big ambitions and we're still small now. That means your talent and rewards can grow with the next stage together with the company.

So, are you up for an adventure?

Bonus system Based on your role we offer incentives and rewards for your work. Applies mostly to Growth roles.

Our teams


in the Growth and Sales come together. We use a number of channels to generate leads:  Inbound Marketing, Outbound Prospecting and Partnerships. Referrals also generate interesting deals. Based on that we see how we can help our customers solve their problems. We use video mostly to communicate with our prospects and customers.


The product team build and maintains our SaaS product. They utilize input from our customers, the Growth and Customer Success team to develop new features. They invest time and effort to develop our webapp and mobile apps. They also keep our product's performance healthy and it's speed high.

Customer Succes

We love to help customers become super succesvol. A good onboarding is key in that. During onboarding we don't just help them to get to know our product. We take care and go further by looking at our shared objectives. This way we help them realize long term results.